How to sew an invisible magnetic button?DIY

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  • Inner fabric
  • Outer fabric
  • Iron-on fabric
  • Invisible magnetic button - M264
  • Assorted piping - S310
  • Assorted thread - M911

step 1

Cut two pieces of iron-on fabric to the size of the magnetic buttons. The iron-on fabric will make the seam more stable. 

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step 2

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Place the pieces of iron-on fabric on the back of the inner and outer fabrics on the spot of your choice and fix them with a hot iron. 

step 3

Use the plastic square to sew the magnetic buttons onto the iron-on fabric. 

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step 4

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Overlap the two fabrics top side on top side and pin the piping to them (cord towards the inside).

step 5

Sew along the piping and the edge of the fabric while leaving out the last part in order to still be able turn the pouch inside out. 

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step 6

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Turn the fabric inside out, fold it and fix it with pins in order to create the pouch. 

step 7

Sew the edges and the flap of the pouch. 

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