The round snap hook with lateral opening and rotating head is ideal for creating your bags, clutch bags, beggar's bags, purses ... It’s a practical and solid accessory. Indeed, this snap hook has a very reliable closure system that keeps everything firmly in its place.

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For making your accessories, the snap hook is available in 2 colors:

  • old gold
  • silver

Used as fastener or link to the handles of your hand-made bags, the snap hook fits to 20, 25, 30, and 40 mm leather strips or straps.

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On our website, find all the required products for creating your bags and accessories :

  • Brass thread M 3558
  • Leather trim S 7679
  • Suede like lace 3 mm S 20613
  • Rounded beads M 3589
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A lot of creations is possible ... We propose you these 2 beautiful bohemian style handbag decorations.

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